The Webcomics Wiki Footer is a shared template that showcases webcomic communities hosted on wikia.

If you are an admin of a webcomic wiki and want to include your wiki, feel free to add it to the footer, but please keep the following in mind before you do so:

Your Wiki will be removed if
  • The wiki's topic is not about an individual webcomic or a webcomic collective.
  • It's a wiki that is not hosted on Wikia.
  • It contains less than 20 pages
  • It's new (created less than 3 months ago) or inactive.
  • It contains adult content
  • The webcomic it talks about has not been released or has less than 2 chapters' worth of updates
After you add your wiki to the footer
  • Place the footer on the main page of your wiki with this code: {{w:webcomicsfooter}}. Your wiki will be removed if you don't.
  • Leave a comment on this page's talk page telling us you have added a wiki to the footer.

Wikis on the footer

Comic(s) Wiki URL Admin List Link Recent Changes Link
8-bit Theater [1] [2]
Atomic Robo [3] [4]
Ava's Demon [5] [6]
Fisheye Placebo [7] [8]
Girl Genius [9] [10]
Gunnerkrigg Court [11] [12]
Hooky [13] [14]
Knite [15] [16]
Looking For Group [17] [18]
MS Paint Adventures

(Bard Quest, Homestuck, Jailbreak, Problem Sleuth) [19] [20]
Order of the Stick [21] [22]
Scary-Go-Round [23] [24]
Slightly Damned [25] [26]
Sluggy Freelance [27] [28]
Something Positive [29] [30]
Subnormality [31] [32]

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