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Helvetica raw


By: J.N. Wiedle
Rating: PG
Launched: June 24, 2011
Genres: Mystery, Crime / Noir‎

Helvetica is a young man who has recently died! When you die, you don’t remember anything in life, and your first word(s) is your name. This story follows Helvetica’s desire to uncover who he was in life, his existential crises, and his struggle to make death worth living.

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By: Ashley Lange
Rating: Teen
Launched: August 22, 2001
Genres: Apocalyptic, Fantasy

The Island is a paradise whose inhabitants are given powers, food, and near immortality. Thankfully for Doctor Nubs, an insane purple imp who has terrorized the Island for years, those residents are also extremely stupid. Meanwhile, Shell is an Islander who is disillusioned with the Island's focus on selfishness and outward appearances. Nubs' antics throw them together, and the two begin a friendship. However, for Doctor Nubs, it may just be another show... and the beginning of the Island's end.

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Beyond the Western Deep

By: Alex Kain, Rachel Bennett, Jerome Jacinto
Rating: PG
Launched: 2011
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Anthro

The four kingdoms of Sunsgrove, Aisling, Navran, and Kishar have a tenuous peace between them - one that will be shattered when the dispossessed race of Ermehn try to retake Aisling, their old kingdom.

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The Strongest Suit

The Strongest Suit

By: Aristidus Twain
Rating: PG
Launched: June 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy, Romance


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