War Between Dragons (originally Guerras Entre Dragones) is a comic which tells the story of a bard transformed into a Draconian and seeks to become human. It was created by Miss Matanaza 1 and is translated from Spanish and English.


In a world different from Earth, there are humans in war against a race of humanoids that coexist with them...Dragonmen (or Draconians). Lierot is a human young bard that was transformed into a Draconian by a wizard named Axhalar, in order to make Draconians the dominant race Lierot , who initially tolerated but not entirely shared the draconian culture, agrees to travel with a Draconian, the only one who offers him help in his condition, generating an increasingly close link between the two , which leads them to understand that both races are not as different as originally thought...

Content Warnings

The comic is rated G, meaning suitable for all ages[1].

External Links


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