The Under is a comic by "Argyle Fox", available on ComicFury, focusing on a goblin called Smol.


In an underground world known as the Under roam many fantasy beings, great and small, lit by fluorescent mushrooms. Magic runs rampant and many wonders await discovery, but a little nameless goblin certainly doesn't think it's his destiny. However, when an oversized magic ring forged by the God of Fate himself to signal an extraordinary individual attaches itself to him, the newly-christened Smol is brought before the Goblin Khan and his witch advisor…


  • Smol: A very small goblin who, like everybody else he knows, believes he is worthless until he finds the Ring.
  • King Angu Khan: A narrow-minded goblin leader with delusions of grandeur, the barbaric Goblin King has decided to try and get the Ring for himself.
  •  The Crone: The King's advisor, an old goblin-like woman with above-average magical knowledge. The Crone and King hate each other but the King needs the Crone to assess his power and the Crone can't escape his grip since he commands the goblin soldiers.
  • The Trickster: The possibly-mythical God of Fate who forged the Ring found by Smol, supposedly from the eye of the God of the Earth.

About the Creator

Argyle Fox is a pseudonym for an artist who also released miscellaneous artwork on ComicFury.


The Under is only available for free online reading on the comic-hosting website ComicFury.


Though still young, the comic has been met with positive reaction so far, with several other artists from the ComicFury website gifting Argyle Fox with fan art of Smol.

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