The Tourist's Guide to Hell is a surreal one-panel gag strip by Mike MacDee. It adds humorous captions to classic works of art.


As an extracurricular art project, Mike MacDee added humorous captions to Max Ernst's collage art series "A Week of Kindness" -- created in the summer of 1933 using illustrations found in various French Gothic novels, encyclopedias, and textbooks -- thus turning Ernst's project into a single-panel gag strip. The captions often try to make sense of the visuals and pass them off as everyday occurrences, presumably in one of the nine circles of Hell.

About the Creator

Mike MacDee was born and raised in Arizona, and shows a fondness for westerns in all of his works. He is a writer, artist, comic creator, game designer, cartoonist, illustrator, former teacher, and published author.

He hosts most of his work at his website, Mike's Toybox.

Content Warnings

  • Violence: Numerous acts of violence abound: beatings, strangulations, and floggings.
  • Language: The captions are sometimes as crude and lewd as the visuals, but profanity is not too common.
  • Adult Themes: "A Week of Kindness" has many racy scenes with partial or full nudity.


None available.

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