The Bright Side is a fantasy-supernatural-coming of age web comic written and illustrated by Amber Francis since April 10, 2011. The comic is largely illustrated in black-and-white sketches.

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The story revolves around Australian student Emily "Em" and her friendship with the personification of Death, who she names "D". After first revealing himself to her after her cancer-stricken mother's ghost implores him to console her as she expires, he consoles her and explains why her mother had to leave her body. Years later, as a middle-school student, she encounters him again in the midst of her attempt to rescue a man from a mangled burning car, again as he helps the doomed man's soul exit from his dying body. Surprised that Em has encountered him again, Death returns to Em, only for Em to develop a friendship with him. However, he is normally invisible to most human beings, which gives the semi-inconvenient impression that Em is talking to an imaginary friend. Through "D", who gives her an hourglass necklace for her birthday, she learns more about death, life and the universe.

Content warningsEdit

The web comic is about death, and is morbid at times. There is also a suicide attempt in Chapter 38. [1]

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Three volumes have been released in PDF[2]:

  • Volume 1, featuring chapters 1-10
  • Volume 2, featuring chapters 11-20
  • Volume 3, featuring chapter 21-30

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