Supernormal Step is an action-adventure-supernatural webcomic written and illustrated by Michael Lunsford about a girl named Fiona and her adventures dealing with a strange magical parallel universe.


The series follows the adventure of Fiona Dae, a young woman from Earth who ends up in an alternate reality of Earth in which magic is prevalent and intelligent creatures of both magical and extraterrestrial origin exist among humans. She is pulled by accident to the alternate reality by Van, an easy-going but irresponsible human blood mage who hops between beds with women, and Jim, a brash and narcissistic man who was cursed to transform into a stuffed bunny due to his seeming inability to exercise kindness.

As she learns through help to survive and fight professional villains using magic abilities, she encounters more of the Henderson government, which runs most of North America, and Cavan Henderson, the long-aged human man who rules the country as a benevolent dictator. However, she is impacted by various conspiring intrigues who seek to overthrow the Henderson system, including the Nameless, who hire her services.

About the Creator

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Content Warnings

This comic is geared toward a PG-13 audience.


Four collections have been released in both print and PDF:

  • Volume 1: Runaway, featuring chapters 1-3
  • Volume 2: A Fine Ado, featuring chapters 4-6
  • Volume 3: Power Struggle, featuring chapters 7-9
  • Volume 4: Anxiety Attack, featuring chapters 10-11

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