Spacetrawler is a science fiction web comic by Christopher Baldwin. The first series (1 January 2010 to 25 December 2013) follows a team of aliens who abduct a group of human men and women in their quest to liberate another enslaved alien species. The current series (which started on 22 October 2016) is a continuation of the story with some returning characters. The comic updates Monday and Wednesday, with diary comics of Baldwin's travels on Fridays.


Interplanetary Amity is a galactic vigilante fighting force intent on freeing the Eebs, an enslaved, but technologically intelligent race. One Amity ship, the S. S. Starbanger, abducts six humans (Martina Zorilla, Pierrot Abdullahi, Emily Taylor, Dimitri Sokolov, Yuri Nakagawa and Dustin Landing) in their quest.

The comic is told through Nogg's eyes as he relays news of Martina's death to her father, years after the fact.

The second series follows the remaining characters (plus some extras) as they attempt to stop a galactic conflict. It is also told through Nogg to Martina's father, but this time because of the death of Martina's half-brother.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Unknown
  • Profanity: Unknown
  • Adult Themes: Unknown


Spacetrawler contains violence, implied sexual activity, and is suited for teens and up.

About the Creator(s)

Christopher Baldwin has made several web comic strips, including: Anna Galactic, Yontengu, Vampire Bicycle, Little Dee, One Way, Bruno.


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