Skullkickers was a fantasy webcomic by Jim Zub. It ran from January 6, 2012 to March 21, 2016.

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Two nameless mercenaries, nicknamed Baldy and Shorty, fight zombies, demons, necromancers, eldritch horrors, and comic tropes. Baldy wields an anachronistic golden gun, and Shorty uses his dual axes.

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Skullkickers includes violence, censored profanity, blood, and elements of horror.

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Jim Zub (short for Jim Zubkavich) is writer, artist and art instructor whose previous works include the comics Samurai Jack, Wayward, Dungeons and Dragons, and Street Fighter. He also released another webcomic called Makeshift Miracle.

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All 34 Skullkickers issues have been released via Comixology[1] and Amazon.

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