Sandra and Woo is a comedy web comic written by Oliver "Novil" Knörzer and illustrated by Puri "Powree" Andini. The comic began on October 19, 2008[1]. It stars the eponymous Sandra North and her anthropomorphic pet raccoon Woo as they grow up together.

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12-year old Sandra North discovers a runaway pet raccoon on her way back from school. She decides to adopt him after his owner is seen being abusive. Soon, the new raccoon, renamed "Woo" after the happy interjection, reveals that he can talk. Hijinks, jokes, and sometimes serious events, ensue.

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Sandra and Woo contains swearing, serious topics, dark and adult oriented humor.[2]

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Oliver Knörzer (or "Novil") is a German writer who also writes Gaia, a fantasy webcomic.

Puri Andini (or "Powree") is an Indonesian artist who also illustrates Gaia.

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A point-and-click video game based off the web comic is being developed by Feline Fueled Games[3].

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