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Reverie is a slice of life comic strip from Heaven Sent Gaming, a media-arts company.

The comic has not been updated since July 3, 2016.


Reverie follows a group of five head-in-the-cloud kids including the hardworking Amalia, light-hearted Bronjay, amiable daydreamer Hoopes, peppy-sweetheart Milly, and genius youngster Bronwen.


  • Amalia is a feisty girl with a very high work ethic, she has the ability to seemingly master any task she's given. She is dating Bronjay.
  • Bronjay is a boy that constantly wears a gray hoodie. He's a well-meaning, lazy, head-in-the-clouds, none-to-bright, type of character. He is dating Amalia.
  • Bronwen a super genius that builds giant robots and has telekinetic abilities. He is the little brother of Bronjay.
  • Hoopes, best friend of Bronjay, and is similarly well-meaning, lazy, head-in-the-clouds type of character. Though he does show his moment of genius.
  • Milly, the peppy best friend of Amalia, always full of energy, she's always chasing after Amalia.
  • Sepie the flying squid pet of Bronjay and Bronwen.

About the Creator

The series was created by Mario and Isabel Lucero, and is published by their team at Heaven Sent Gaming.

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