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Rappy The River Otter  (or simply Rappy) is a webcomic starring the eponymous Rappy, a river otter.


Rappy the River Otter takes place in the fictional state park of Pine Falls Park. The weekly comic strip often focuses on current events, human culture (and Rappy's loose understanding of it), or general life in the park.

Content warnings

Rappy the River Otter contains mild profanity, a few instances of cartoon violence, and mentions some themes that are mostly pointed at adults, such as politics, celebrity drama, and other current events.



Rappy, the main character, is a resident of Pine Falls Park. He's best friends with the park's resident ranger, Bob. He often has a hard time understanding some parts of human behavior and culture. He also is known to play pranks from time to time, especially on anyone who confuses him with a weasel.

Ranger Bob

Ranger Bob is the designated park ranger for Pine Falls Park. He first thought he was going crazy when he first met Rappy (concerned an animal was talking to him) but now, like most humans who visit the park, he is completely used to the talking animals.  He’s best friends with Rappy, and often tries to explain humans to him with varying degrees of success. Occasionally, Bob is forced to put a stop to Rappy’s schemes, if they are against park policy.


Buck is the leader of the deer herd in Pine Falls Park. Although relatively friendly, but is crazy, as he and the rest of his herd believe themselves to be pirates. They call themselves the “Buckaneers.” Though he often tries to steal things from Rappy (normally food), Rappy still considers Buck a friend, and often hangs around with him and makes friendly wagers with him.

"The Hipsters"

A male and female human who's names have never been given. Though it is revealed they are studying biology, they are convinced that Rappy is actually a weasel, something that cause Rappy to absolutely hate them. They often are the targets of Rappy's pranks, such as Rappy convincing them to microwave their new cellphones in order to make them work better, something that resulted in an explosion at the Ranger Lodge[1].

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