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8-Bit Theater +The plot of ''8-Bit Theater'' is loosely based on that of the video game ''Final Fantasy'', in which four adventurers, the Light Warriors, must save the world by defeating four powerful demons that represent the four elements, thus relighting four magical orbs tied to the same elements, and, finally, defeating the personification of evil, Chaos. However, while many of the original plot points and characters are present, the way they come about is often radically different. The Light Warriors themselves tend to cause far more harm than good on their travels and mostly have to be blackmailed, bribed, or threatened into accepting quests.  +
A Better Place +Hanna and Theo, a sister and a brother, stumble across an ancient power while playing in the woods. The entity gives them each a wish: Theo wishes for the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes and to fly, while Hanna wishes for the ability to create anything she wants. After the siblings gain their powers, Hanna dismisses the ancient entity and recreates the world. A century later, the world has become a better place. ...Or so it seems.  +
Agents of the Realm +Shortly after beginning their first year of college at Silvermount University, Five young women discover that they’ve each been chosen to help protect not just our world, but a newly discovered sister dimension as well. As they venture forward through their college years their lives start to take on forms of their own, providing them with new opportunities to learn just how much power they have over them.  +
Armless Amy +''Armless Amy'' follows the weird adventures of Amy, an apparently emotionless girl who encounters several strange characters in a desolated wasteland, some of which will try to murder her, always without success.  +
Atomic Robo +The series follows the adventures and misadventures of Atomic Robo, a sentient robot created by Nikola Tesla. Having studied in most fields of science under Tesla, Robo has fortified his mind with knowledge, in addition to his already armored (and bullet-proof) skin. In the past, Robo has fought an entity from beyond time, formed a group of Action Scientists, and defeated a Nazi scientist, among many other adventures.  +
Ava's Demon +Ava’s Demon is about a girl named Ava and the demon haunting her. The "demon" just happens to be the ghost of an alien queen, Wrathia, seeking revenge on the one that destroyed her empire, a god-like figure named Titan. The story follows Ava as she makes her way across the universe, teaming up with the demon haunting her on a quest for revenge, while fighting her own inner demons along the way.  +
Awkward Zombie +The comic consists of gag-a-day parodies of ridiculous situations that could occur in video game worlds such as ''The Legend of Zelda'', ''Super Smash Bros.'', and ''Metal Gear Solid'', but some include Tiedrich herself as a character. The comic is entirely non-sequential, with no main characters or plotlines. Because of this, the comic can be read entirely out of order.  +
Bad for Sleep +No summary available.  +
Beyond the Western Deep +The four kingdoms of Sunsgrove, Aisling, Navran, and Kishar have a tenuous peace between them - one that will be shattered when the dispossessed race of Ermehn try to retake Aisling, their old kingdom.  +
Black and Blue +In a dimly-lit room somewhere in a decrepit city, where corporations flourish and gangs rule the streets, a woman prepares a message. She will escape from her prison and take her revenge on her "employer". But she is just one of many people (or androids) stuck under the boot of debt and corruption, and trust can be outbid. Regardless, everyone will be after her head.  +
Brawl in the Family +''Brawl in the Family'' has an internal story that is carried through story arcs. These feature Nintendo characters such as Kirby and King Dedede as well as the Mario brothers. However, most strips outside of story arcs include gags and commentary on Nintendo games.  +
Broodhollow +Wadsworth Zane is a quirky encyclopedia salesman who has had very little success. After all, it is the Great Depression. One day, fate smiles on Zane and an extremely late letter informs him of a new opportunity in a town called Broodhollow. There, several ominous visions appear to Zane, and he is even further encouraged to follow his own set of strange "behaviors" to prevent catastrophe. Perhaps Zane is crazy... or perhaps there is something sinister lurking in Broodhollow.  +
C-Section Comics +As a gag-a-day series, ''C-Section Comics'' has no story line but a few of its characters are recurring - such as the character representing the series' author, the middle-aged dad and the teenager. The humor varies and includes comparisons, puns, political humor, and sometimes vulgar jokes. The humor is mainly aimed at adults, and some strips contain adult language or nudity.  +
Circus Saudade +Gracie is a teenage girl who has run away to the circus. Soon, however, she discovers that her particular circus is a place that mysterious characters call home, where shadows lurk around every corner, and reality is constantly in question.  +
College Roomies from Hell!!! +The comic depicts the lives of six college students attending an unnamed college somewhere in the United States. Forced out of their dormitory by a gas leak explosion, Mike Green, David Jones, Roger Pepitone, Marsha Hart, Margaret Browning, and April Sommers now live in an apartment building near their college and suffer natural, supernatural, and academic indignities and drama in this alternately hilarious and dark serial comic strip.  +
Ctrl+Alt+Del +The plot revolves around Ethan, an over-the-top video game fanatic, and his sarcastic roommate Lucas, who acts as Ethan's unheeded voice of reason. Together with Ethan's girlfriend, now wife, Lilah, the three engage in turmoil which the comic storyline conveys through independent gaming-related puns by utilizing well-known game titles, consoles and pop culture references.  +
Cucumber Quest +Cucumber, an aspiring mage, receives a letter calling him to confront the evil Queen Cordelia, who intends to summon the ancient evil that is the Nightmare Knight. Cucumber reluctantly goes at the urging of his sister, Almond, but is unable to stop her. Now, Cucumber must fulfill his destiny by defeating the Nightmare Knight's Disaster Masters and then the Knight himself.  +
Daddy's Girl +Daddy's Girl revolves around Andrea "Andy" Wilcox, an aikido and muay thai fighter who beats up a gangster girl in a bar, not realizing she was a prizefighter slated for a profitable fight that weekend. The promoter, money launderer Geri Kildare, forces Andy to fight in Beth's place in order to launder dirty money at the bookies. Amidst all this, Andy continues to struggle with her troubled past: haunted by a man she killed at age fifteen, the abuse she suffered at her mother's hands, and her role in the fate of her prizefighter father.  +
Dark Wings +In ''Dark Wings: Eryl'' the noblewoman Andrea discovers that her father is a member of a secret rebel society. She must take his place in a mission to find a mysterious dragon - one that could turn the tide in a long and desperate war. But things never go without opposition, and she soon finds herself targeted by the world's deadliest assassin.  +
Demon's Mirror +While delivering the Mirror of Perception, which forces an observer to see the world as it is (infinitely flawed), the demon Cezar accidentally allows a shard of the mirror to pierce the human Kay. Kay is instantly disillusioned of the world around him, prompting the Snow Queen to abduct him. Gerda, Kay's girlfriend, embarks on a quest to save him...with Cezar following.  +
Devil's Candy +''Devil's Candy'' takes place in a world inhabited by demons and monsters, living dangerously boring lives as office workers and school children. One such child is Kazu, a brilliant yet naive devil boy who makes a Frankenstein-like girl for his biology project at Hemlock Heart Academy, the only mixed-race school in the devil world. Though brutish and blunt, young Pandora learns a lot from her caring "father" (and the wonders of television) about the world (and justice!). Pandora's journey into the stagnant and prideful world of devils has begun, and perhaps she can be the change its been looking for.  +
Doctor Fun +''Doctor Fun'' contained one-panel gags that seemed to have no underlying storyline. Instead, the web comic referenced science and pop culture in its puns and gags.  +
Dr McNinja +Dr. McNinja practices medicine in his office, staffed by his gorilla secretary Judy, where he treats mundane (and absurd) illnesses, much to the chagrin of his lethal and loving parents. McNinja is often inspired to fight evils such as zombies, dinosaurs, banditos riding dinosaurs, and giant lumberjacks.  +
Earthsong +The story centres around a sanctuary planet, called Earthsong, which is alive and sentient, like all other planets. People from across the universe are brought to her surface in order to escape the effects of a deadly plague. Should they remain on their homeworlds, the plague will kill them, but on Earthsong, it grants them incredible powers and immortality. Earthsong would be an idyllic place, were it not for the invading force that threatens her and her visitors. A renegade planet has been waging war on her surface for centuries, but one day, a new visitor arrives on Earthsong, and she just might change everything...  +
El Goonish Shive +El Goonish Shive depicts the lives of a fictional group of teenagers in their junior year of high school. They are subject to the trials of daily teenage life as well as more outlandish problems involving magic, aliens, parallel dimensions, and "superscience". Content Warnings:Other Notes = The comic features tolerance related issues, including sexual orientations, non-traditional gender roles and lifestyle choices. As the main plot proceeds, the characters are shown coming of age, However, not all changes have been pleasant to the characters. Manipulation is shown in different forms, from the humorous to the dangerous. More dangerous to the characters is the direct mental manipulation by the invisible "Mastermind".  +