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On the Grind is a webcomic created by George Gant.


The comic is about the lives of the employees at The Grind, a coffee shop located on the South Side of Chicago. The comic satires the ins and outs of the service industry, from the management, co-workers, and ever customers, to the policies and day to day operations.


  • The Worst Day Ever! The First On the Grind Treasury - Released in February of 2013.
  • On the Grind: Electric Brewgaloo - Released in February of 2014.

External links


(2013) Hurley, D. George Gant: On the Grind. [1] Published 2-26-2013

(2013) Hunter, J.M. In-DIY-Between The Lines featuring On the Grind's Geo Gant! [3] Published 11-4-2013

(2013) McElmurray, T. The Webcomic Alliance Pick of the Month: On the Grind. [3]  Published 12-2-2013

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