The Island is a paradise whose inhabitants are given powers, food, and near immortality. Thankfully for Doctor Nubs, an insane purple imp who has terrorized the Island for years, those residents are also extremely stupid. Meanwhile, Shell is an Islander who is disillusioned with the Island's focus on selfishness and outward appearances. Nubs' antics throw them together, and the two begin a friendship. However, for Doctor Nubs, it may just be another show... and the beginning of the Island's end.

Content Warnings

  • Violence: There are multiple scenes of violence, including blood. Mild gore. There is a graphic scene in which half a character's face is burned off.
  • Profanity: Mild.

About the Creator(s)

Ashley Lange is a game designer and illustrator based in Boston.


The comic has not been made available offline.


External Links

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