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Nerd Rage is a webcomic written and drawn by Andy Kluthe. It features the banter of a pair of the titular pair of nerds, often satirizing the absurd arguments of online fanbases. Strips are usually presented in a two row format, but sometimes several strips connect as one ongoing story.

The comics often include video game-based humor and satire targeting the video game industry, but also cover the comics industry, movies, toys, and other 'geek humor'.


Nerd Rage stars a pair of two nerdy/geeky men, the big-boned Jim and the lanky Elliot, as they discuss gaming, movies, and pop culture. The comic contains no storyline, with strips remaining largely independent except in short arcs that last a few pages. Nerd Rage also contains strips starring fictional characters from video games, movies, and pop culture.

Content Warnings

  • Violence: Occasional blood, gore
  • Profanity: A few instances.
  • Adult themes: Fetishism, sex (mentioned)

About the Creator

Andy Kluthe graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design[1]. He also produces content for Dorkly, and CollegeHumor. [2]



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