Metryintocomic is a webcomic about all and nothing. It is a slice of life comic by an artist who doesn't know how to draw well but still tries to.


Metryintocomic is a comic by Thomas Duret that started in September 2016. It uses stick figures to illustrate jokes about a variety of topics, such as deep thoughts, politics and society. There is no storyline and the comics varies from one to 4 strips. It sometimes makes joke about comics too, in a kind of a meta way. It also include classic poop jokes, dinosaurs jokes and edgy jokes. Since it first publication at the end of September, the comic has been publishing one comic every weekday and plan to do so until it dies. But it has so much stuff in bank that it can last for year.

Content Warnings

Metryingtocomic contains profanity, bullying, politics, sexual innuendo, and potty humor.

About the Creator

Thomas works in the field of live art.



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