Johnny Wander is a webcomic written by Ananth Hirsh and illustrated by Yuko Ota. Johnny Wander began as an autobiographical comic about Hirsh and Ota's everyday lives, but has since expanded to include many other (more fictional) storylines not featuring the duo. These storylines are usually independent, and include Lucky Penny, Barbarous, Is This What You Wanted.


The slice-of-life autobiographical strips of Johnny Wander featured funny moments in the creators' lives. Eventually, these strips gave way to fictional stories:

Lucky Penny


Penny Brighton has lost her job, forcing her to move out of her apartment with the help of her friend Helen. Penny eventually gets a job at the laundromat Helen's family runs, though not without running into several unfortunate obstacles. Lucky Penny follows Penny as she copes with being a human disaster.

Is This What You Wanted

Is This What You Wanted began on Johnny Wander and was hosted there until the end of Chapter 2 (February 23, 2017), when it was migrated to a flagship site. The first two chapters are still available to read on Johnny Wander.



In a world where magic and glamours have integrated with modern technology, Persephone, a magic user, has fallen on hard times. She stumbles into Leeds, a monstrous but gentle giant, whose boss Cecilla offers Chiaki a job as a super.

About the Creators

Ananth Hirsh writes the script for Johnny Wander, including Lucky Penny, Is This What You Wanted and Barbarous. Hirsh also wrote the webcomic Applegeeks.

Yuko Ota illustrates Johnny Wander, including Lucky Penny and Barbarous.


Four volumes of Johnny Wander have been released in print through comic stores. In addition, an omnibus titled Johnny Wander: Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us is set to be released in April of 2017. [1]


External Links


  1. Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us: A Johnny Wander Omnibus.

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