Guilded Age is a fantasy webcomic written by Phil Khan and T. Campbell and illustrated by John Waltrip. It follows a team of adventurers called the "Peace-Makers" as they attempt to solve the bloody conflict between The Kingdom of Gastonia and the World's Rebellion.

Guilded Age is a part of Hiveworks.


A Gastonian group of adventurers (the level-headed beserker Byron, the arrogant bard Best, the logical healer Syr'Nj, the thief Bandit, the raunchy "Paladin" Frigg, and the mystic Gravedust) do what adventurers do as they go about their days: defeat ancient evils, slaughter cultists, and complete quests. Soon, however, they are caught in the conflict between the The Kingdom of Gastonia and the World's Rebellion.

Meanwhile, in another world similar to ours, the CEO of a major gaming corporation toils at wizardry and the occult, determined to bridge the world between computation and magic... between his world and theirs.

Content Warnings

  • Violence: Blood, dismemberment, on-panel death.
  • Profanity: Frequent.
  • Adult Themes: Implied sex, partial nudity, murder.

About the Creators

The comic was created by Phil Kahn, T. Campbell, and Erica Henderson [1]. Kahn and Campell write the comic, and Hender illustrated Chapters 1-7. From Chapter 8 onwards, the comic is illustrated by John Waltrip.


All of the soon-to-be 50 chapters (currently 46) of Guilded Age are available through Gumroad[2]. Volume Two of the comic (as well as an animated short) was successfully funded by Kickstarter[3].


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