[[category:Comics available in {{{language}}}]] Goblyn's Comics is a webcomic created by Keith Churchill. It started in October 2011 and currently updates weekly on Friday.


The comic is a strip comic that rotates between one-offs, recurring characters, and multi-part stories. Some of the recurring characters have "their own" comic strip.

In 2013-2014, a ten-part story titled "Bearing Witness" appeared. The story, based on real life, was written by Michael Stumpf and adapted and drawn by Keith Churchill.

Recurring Comic Strips

Recurring Comic Strips

  • That Dumb Cat & The Spotted Dog
  • The Chicken Hounds
  • The Brontosaurus From Pluto!
  • Wally (aka Wally the Koala)
  • Llama Ninja
  • Transylvania Law
  • The Legion of Honor


Recurring Characters

  • That Dumb Cat
  • The Spotted Dog
  • The Chicken Hounds
  • Holmes
  • Watson
  • Robertdowneyjunior
  • Comissioner Borden
  • BatChick
  • Dash, the Brontosaurus from Pluto
  • The Prince of Whales
  • The Unicorn from Atlantis
  • Wally The Koala
  • Llama Ninja
  • Count Waldorf, the Walrus Vampire of Wallachia
  • Sam the Vampire
  • Ralph the Wolf
  • Charon the Skeleton
  • Vampire Socks
  • Schrodinger's Cat
  • Serran Baggot
  • iGoblyn the Fighter
  • The Texas Moon
  • Caribou Queen
  • The Shadow of the Groundhog
  • Nutrina, Queen of the Nutria
  • The Cheese Inspector
  • Possum Maybe
  • Squirrel Nutcan
  • Bib 242una
  • Krumpy the Snowman

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