Flotsam is a webcomic by Austin "Zal" Forbes that began in October 2015. The comic tells the tale of three friends who uncover an alien conspiracy after finding an alien-human hybrid stranded on Earth.

The comic is hosted on Tumblr.


Taking place in October of 1967, Flotsam tells the story of a group of friends (John MacNeal, Laurie Marcel and Marie Lejeune) who discover an alien hybrid named Sarah who has crashed to Earth and washed up on the shore of the quiet fishing village of Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Content Warnings

Contains depictions of blood, mild nudity, violence, occasional profanity, and brief mentions of sex, rape, death and suicide.

About the Creator

Zal is an artist from Orillia, Ontario.


A limited printing of the first issue containing the first two chapters was released in October of 2016 on Etsy. A second printing is forthcoming.


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