Dr. McNinja was a webcomic by Christopher Hastings that ran from August 3, 2004 to January 19, 2017. It features the eponymous Dr. McNinja, a doctor who is also a ninja.


Dr. McNinja practices medicine in his office, staffed by his gorilla secretary Judy, where he treats mundane (and absurd) illnesses, much to the chagrin of his lethal and loving parents. McNinja is often inspired to fight evils such as zombies, dinosaurs, banditos riding dinosaurs, and giant lumberjacks.

Content Warnings

Dr. McNinja contains violence, sparse blood, and depictions of death.

About the Creator

Christopher Hastings is an American comic book writer whose previous works include Unbelievable Gwenpool, Adventure Time, Vote Loki, Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe, and Deadpool [1]

Anthony Clark is the colorist of Dr. McNinja and created the webcomic Nedroid.


Volumes of the comic have been released via Topatoco[2] and Dark Horse [3].



External Links


  1. Christopher Hastings - About
  2. Dr. McNinja on Topatoco
  3. Dr. McNinja at Dark Horse Comics

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