Demon's Mirror was a fantasy adventure webcomic by Harry Bogosian that ran from January 17, 2013 to September 10, 2015. The comic is inspired by the story The Snow Queen.


While delivering the Mirror of Perception, which forces an observer to see the world as it is (infinitely flawed), the demon Cezar accidentally allows a shard of the mirror to pierce the human Kay. Kay is instantly disillusioned of the world around him, prompting the Snow Queen to abduct him. Gerda, Kay's girlfriend, embarks on a quest to save him...with Cezar following.

Content Warnings

  • Violence: Blood, gore, humans being eaten, dismemberment
  • Profanity: Mild ("hell")
  • Adult Themes: Mind control, implied nudity, tobacco use

About the Creator

Harry Bogosian [1], also known as Harrodeleted or SKETCHBOT9000, is a New York-based freelance artist who also made the ongoing webcomic A BETTER PLACE[2]. He is also the penciller/inker for the webcomic Starhammer[3].




None available.

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