Dark Wings is a series of online high fantasy graphic novels set in a medieval-esque world. The series is planned to be a trilogy, of which Eryl is the first entry in the series.

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In Dark Wings: Eryl the noblewoman Andrea discovers that her father is a member of a secret rebel society. She must take his place in a mission to find a mysterious dragon - one that could turn the tide in a long and desperate war. But things never go without opposition, and she soon finds herself targeted by the world's deadliest assassin.

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Dark Wings: Eryl is rated R. It contains moderate to strong language, partial nudity, graphic violence, and mature themes. It is not recommended for young or sensitive readers.[1]

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Lee Colagiacomo was born in America in 1987, lived in England during her early youth, then moved back to America. She currently lives in the backwaters of New York. She has a love for all things fantasy, role-playing video games, tabletop gaming and animals. She also holds a deep interest in science and entomology.[2]

She hosts all of her art work and online comics at her website - Flowerlark Studios.

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