CRFH (formerly College Roomies from Hell!!!) is an online comic strip by Maritza Campos.


The comic depicts the lives of six college students attending an unnamed college somewhere in the United States. Forced out of their dormitory by a gas leak explosion, Mike Green, David Jones, Roger Pepitone, Marsha Hart, Margaret Browning, and April Sommers now live in an apartment building near their college and suffer natural, supernatural, and academic indignities and drama in this alternately hilarious and dark serial comic strip.

Content Warnings

CRFH contains some references to sex and censored profanity.

About the Creator

Maritza Campos is a female cartoonist from Mexico.[citation needed]


CRFH has been nominated for several Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards, winning "Best Writing" and "Best Serial Comic" in 2001,[1][2]


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