Circus Saudade is a fantasy webcomic detailing the lives of a crew at a circus. The comic is written and drawn by Colin Cambell who produces a comic with haunting black and white illustrations.

The comic has not been updated since February 20, 2015.


Gracie is a teenage girl who has run away to the circus. Soon, however, she discovers that her particular circus is a place that mysterious characters call home, where shadows lurk around every corner, and reality is constantly in question.

Content Warnings

Circus Saudade includes depictions of violence, a scene depicting attempted kidnapping, and minor drug use. It also deals with the theme of sadness and regret (the word saudade reflects this sentiment).

About the Creator

Colin Cambell is the Lead Level Designer at Bioware, a video game company.[1]





External Links


  1. Colin Campbell @CCampbellArt on Twitter

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