Agents of the Realm is a college years coming of age story, taking influence from a number of timeless Magical Girl themed stories.


Shortly after beginning their first year of college at Silvermount University, Five young women discover that they’ve each been chosen to help protect not just our world, but a newly discovered sister dimension as well. As they venture forward through their college years their lives start to take on forms of their own, providing them with new opportunities to learn just how much power they have over them.

Content Warnings

The story contains some coarse language and violence. It also covers sensitive subject matter such as domestic abuse and violence, alcoholism, eating disorders and self harm.

About the Creator

Mildred Louis is a freelance illustrator, colorist and sequential artist based out of Boston, Massachusetts. She studied Animation at Sheridan College in Canada.[1]


None available!


External Links


  1. Mildred Louis' portfolio - About

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