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Webcomic automatic categorization

Hi all,

Recently I've been toying with the idea of having our web comic articles (which use [[Template:Infobox webcomic]]) pages automatically categorized based on how the web comic template is used. I drew inspiration from the "category magic" of Atomic Robo Wiki's ([[atomicrobo:Template:Comic_template|comic template]] as well as Marvel Wiki's ([[marvel:Marvel_Database:Comic_Template#Category Magic|comic template]]).

As of today I've been able to get the template working for [[User:Ironwestie/Testing#Articles_without_images_parsing|the images parameter]], which will now categorize pages using invalid images into [[:Category:Articles without images]]. However, this categorization will not work on any pages not in the main namespace, so [[Project:Drafts|draft articles]] should not be affected.

Should we continue implementing automatic categorization, or should we leave off (for now)?

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Apologies for the weird wiki text; I assumed Discussions worked like Forums do. I've made a duplicate thread on our forum for clarity. (
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